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With this fifth release on the catalogue’s main series, Futurepast continue to care about rising talents and extend to new musical borders. Siwei is an Antwerp based producer who made his specialty to blend ambient and techno with moody waves of distortion and fidgeting modular patterns.

Ahead of his new EP, Futurepast asked him to talk us through his process a little….

“For this EP, I mainly played on my electronic drum kit for the drums, using my Eurorack for all other sound textures. I made pads with my guitar using a lot of reverb pedals and Eurorack reverbs, such as the Make Noise Erbe-Verb. I also use the guitar to loop melodies, converting them to midi to control the modular synth. I make music to loose my thoughts, escaping from my mental problems that otherwise often lead me to narcotics to forget about them. I’m also listening to different kinds of rock, post punk, new wave and the better indie stuff. Bands like The National and Queens Of The Stone Age.”

A few months ago, we met Siwei in his studio. We talked about production, modular synths and what the future holds for the young producer. Click here to watch the full interview.

The A side takes you on an industrial tinged techno trip while the other takes the direction of beat science, and the dark side of dub.

A1 feels like a head-on charge in a dusky and smokey room. It starts with a rolling bassline, introducing the full-on energy of a mighty steady kick drum stomping over howling pads. An ambitious track to lose oneself and the ordinary sense of time.

B1 is in the lineage of far-out dub explorations and forward-thinking dance experiments. This fractured cutting-edge aesthetic blends ideally with the reverberating synths and the eastern vibe of the lead melody.

B2, ‘Brain Function Stops Due To Pain’ is an epic broken beat stepper, a secret game for adults, with cinematically engineered sci-fi synths and a ruthless palette of sounds. It’s not just dreadful, but also playful, thrilling for the mind, challenging for the body.