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Neila is a French artist and an active member of the Brussels techno scene. He is the founder of the label DeepHeat Records and has been collaborating with local and international techno dj’s and producers for several years. His label, which includes a fine selection of tracks and artists, also contributes to the development of emerging artists.

Has electronic music always inspired you?
I have been interested in electronic music since the age of 15. I have been playing techno since I arrived in Brussels in 2011.

Is it then that you created DeepHeat? DeepHeat is already well known for the parties at C12 and L’Epicerie Moderne, before the club closed down. But how did all start for DeepHeat?
Yes, I also launched DeepHeat in 2011, in the form of parties with, among others, Zadig (live) at “Mr. Wong” (old Brussels club that was situated in Vierge Noire street).

I kept organising the parties for about a year at a rate of one every two months. I used to invite well-known artists from the milieu.

How would you describe your musical universe ?
My musical universe is close to the rough side of techno, with stiff and mental nuances.

Beyond your dj sets, you are a producer too. What are your last releases?
I released 2 EP’s, one on DeepHeat and the other on Lunar Limited, Marla Singer’s label. The last one, out on Lunar Limited, includes 6 tracks and was remixed by Makaton, Exal and Marla Singer.

You are part of both the Brussels and the Parisian techno scene. Are you resident in both countries?
I am resident of the Regal Sound parties in Paris and DeepHeat ones in Brussels. I also played several times for Deep in House and C12. We could say that I am “half-resident” there.

Do you feel many differences between both scenes? Which one suits you best?
How I feel about being part of both the Brussels and Parisian scene is simple, I am happy but I still have a preference for the Belgian scene, which is my heart scene.

Both in France and Belgium, we feel a real boil in the techno scene. New artists mingle with others that have been prospering for a few years. Which artists do you think we should keep an eye on at the moment?

For me, at the moment, the Belgian artists on whom we should keep an eye are Altinbas, A. Brehme, Kafim and Phara; the French ones are Keikari, Pursent, Absl and Hadone.

English translation by Raphaël Rozenberg