InDepth is a multidisciplinary platform founded in 2015. The project includes digital platform, label and club nights dedicated to the finest techno and art. It’s a place where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative culture are highlighted.

rêveries, a new multidisciplinary concept in Brussels

This Saturday October 9th, rêveries, a new event concept will take place at “Le Lac” in Brussels. “rêveries” is a multidisciplinary concept combining installation art, music performance, panel discussions, and workshops with Shakmat Modular. With these four components taking place at various times, rêveries combines different mediums in a single location, Le Lac, to propose a day of artistic collaboration and reflection.

unique place

With the glass ceiling allowing for natural light to shine on the upstairs exhibition and the dedicated downstairs venue powered by a quadraphonic Funktion-One System, the physical experience of the event is taken just as much into account as its artistic curation.

Combination of two musical parents : ambient, meditative music and deep / hypnotic techno.

4 artists, 3 dj sets and an unique av live act

Antoine De Schuyter (A/V live)
With the two sides to his performances, either one enhancing the other, Antoine De Schuyter manifests vast soundscapes reminiscent of the natural world. With an intention to immerse his audience as deeply as possible in his universe, the audiovisual experience De Schuyter proposes is fervently cinematic with the visual and auditory remaining codependent for its full effect.

Adhémar (Oslated, Aarden Records, Lett Records)
Building a sonic universe little by little, with the passing of sound transformations and their luminous quality. The evolution and growth of his music resembles his work on canvas that is also often used as his cover art. Through gentle pace, minimal structure, and carefully crafted ambiences, Adhémar’s music creates a meditative ecosystem of sonic elements.

Phanom (C12, Mentality)
Constantly challenged by the vanity of time and space. Phanom’s double edged selections can be indulged equally for their introspective quality as for their dance floor efficacy. Slowly stirring atmospheres behind evolving polyrhythms, Phanom guides her audience through a mesmerizingly persistent tunnel effect every time she performs.

Sonhan (Metropolis, Accents, Vaerel)
Storytelling through mechanical experiments rendered natural through grain and dimension. Constantly in search of new sounds and auditory textures, Sonhan pulls inspiration from an eclectic music taste to challenge current dance music.
With attention to selection as exigent in lower tempo dub as with peak time club tracks, Sonhan is able to deliver experiences that can be analyzed for their musical insight while creating an enveloping organic atmosphere for escapists.

Five visual artists will be present at this first gathering: Clément Davout, Solveig Herrström de Luze, Romane Berger Boreïchka, Thomas Clémente, and Olivia Perce.

Curated by sophie boury

With all these talented artists involved in this project, rêverie is the must-attend event to start the new season with a focus on the essentials and a guaranteed quality without artifice. Let us meet on Saturday, October 9th at “Le Lac” in Brussels (Rue de Witte de Haelen 36, 1000 Bruxelles). More info about the location here (click)