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Last week, the Belgian label Norite released a brand new VA with a fine 15-track selection.

Belgian and international artists mingle on this compilation ranging from ambient and techno. It features familiar and new names for the label, such as the Belgian artist SIWEI and the Swiss one Opuswerk. We will also note the collaboration between Lunar Convoy, Norite’s co-founder, and Ymir – an emerging artist who signed a noteworthy EP on the label a few months ago.

PVNV, a French artist member of the Parisian label “Taapion Records”, has also signed a track on this compilation. His musical universe matches wonderfully Norite’s one. He had come to play at the 2018 Norite’s label night; his releasing on the label was self-evident.

1. Vâyu – Luduan
2. Opuswerk – SEADD
3. Antonio Vazquez – Estratos
4. Ymir & Lunar Convoy – Kairomancy
5. Foreign Material – The White-Bleeding Spear
6. Sofus Forsberg – Blue Eye Falling
7. The Alchemical Theory – Recondito
8. Alume – Twu’a Ta
9. Simone Bauer – La Quiete
10. Matilda – Polaris
11. PVNV – Pandonium
12. 9beats – Mintaka
13. Saphileaum – Lords Of The Seven Rays
14. Siwei – TMWHTO
15. Shoal – Root

Norite has clearly achieved maturity with a distinct universe and its own vision of techno. We can find a genuine common thread in their tracks and artists selection.

This new compilation is available on Bandcamp in digital or in a “double CD” limited edition.