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The duo NX1, for this release as individual artists (Samot and Surit), took over half vinyl each one for a very unique creation which was completed by two powerful remixes from Motive Power & Crystal Geometry.

It begins with the track “Energy Peaks” which is a highly kinetic creation and strongly textured piece. After that, comes the remix from Motive Power, a futuristic, post-apocalyptic and cinematic Techno piece, perfectly wrapped up with magnificent sound design. As third track we have the original “Mind Whispers”, breakbeat rhythms, with a touch of distorted rock, turn this track into a no-escape mental loop. We continue with “Civil Religion”, the most hypnotic side of the Ep, sharp and solid with nuances of psychedelia. “You call it Sanity”, is an unstoppable, functional and groundbreaking bomb, energy direct to the spine. And here it comes, Crystal Geometry remix, a brutal track that transports us to a rebellious, punk and dark environment – pure fire! Bonus track: “Raice Your Voice”: Dancefloor killer, banger, industrial and explosive, perfect closing for this powerful Ep.

With this release HEX Recordings confirms once again his dark, fatalistic and mercilessly vision of Techno, directly whistling the dystopian Pandemonium.

A1. Samot – Energy Peaks
A2. Samot – Mind Whispers (Motive Power remix)
A3. Samot – Mind Whispers

B1. Surit – Civil Religion
B2. Surit – Civil Religion (Crystal Geometry remix)
B3. Surit – You Call It Sanity

Samot – Raice Your Voice (bonus track)


HEX Recordings: