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After Push Turn Move and Patch & Tweak, Kim Bjorn is back with a new book, “Pedal Crush”, this time dedicated to the effects pedals.

Once dedicated to guitarists only, these small stompboxes have long since invaded many other musicians’ set-ups. In this book, Kim Bjørn as well as effect-box-expert Knobs, will show us the infinite possibilities effects pedals offer.

Pedal Crush’s main idea is to explore effects pedals’ universe and show how every musician can use it creatively, producers, Dj’s, musicians, singers they will all find a creative way to use it.

“I’ve always had a crush on effect pedals, and I want to inspire all kinds of musicians to creatively shape their sound with these cool and tactile devices. Effect pedals can bring surprisingly unique results – just by tweaking a few knobs on a well-crafted stompbox”, says Kim Bjørn.

The book contains everything you need to know from starting out with a pedal board to more advanced concepts, as well as the purpose, history and creative possibilities of specific effects and pedal types. Kim Bjørn presents both popular and rare pedals as well as lots of tips and tricks in a richly illustrated book, like his two previous ones.

The book has not been released yet but is available for pre-ordering on Kickstarter. Needless to say, the crowdfunding is a real success, the objective has already been largely exceeded.

English translation by Raphaël Rozenberg