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Hello, thank you for your time. First of all, where are you from and what is your musical background?
Hi ! Thanks for the invitation.
I was born in Nantes, grew up in that city. I always listened music since I was very young, every kind of. Lot of rap when I was a teen.

For our readers who don’t know your influences, how would you describe the your sound and your projects?
For the moment I produce a lot of techno, a bit dark but really groovy. I like the idea to mix the dark and sunny.
Uk vibe is a big inspiration to me ( dnb, jungle, breakbeat, uk techno, dubstep ).

When and how did you start DJing & producing ?
I begin to mix with Gary (like my brother) in 2010’s. He stop two years after and I begun my solo career. I met the fresh Abstrack crew and we created Faktice, best techno party in Nantes at CO2 club. I was immersed in this world of pure pleasure to build something and bring people together to make big party. At home I was playing a lot, and one day I became resident of Faktice. Producing came after, since 8 years now.

It seems you’re fresh on the techno scene. Where did you get your first gigs?
I don’t remember the first one.. I remember the first one when at the end of my set every people scream and applause. That was a huge moment to me. 

You shared with us the recording of your set at Fuse in Brussels. How did you approach preparing this mix ?
Impatient, a bit stress of course, Fuse is a legendary club, but so happy to play there. I did the warm up, I didn’t know if I will have people in front of me but finally dancers were there with a big energy.

You’re also the founder of Faktice, your own label with Exal. Can you tell us a little about the label’s history? When and how was it born?
Since few years with Exal we get listened to our new productions and every time we were impressed. One night I told him « Stop, that’s the moment that we need to create our label and we can release all what we want ». We retrieve the name of Faktice to transform it into a label.

It seems that collaborating with other artists, like Exal or Hadone is an important part of your work. How did you start the collaborations on your last releases?
Collaboration really inspiring me, it’s so nice to share tricks and talent to build something new. But it’s not easy, there must be magic between the producers. First part of Covid, we try to make something together with Hadone, and wow. It was more than magic.

Awakenings area A opening

Publiée par Hadone sur Lundi 1 août 2022

Hadone playing original track from Askkin at Awakenings

And what about your release on Nali, the Julian Muller’s imprint ?
Julian give me his trust to put a track on his label, I had to answer correctly and now I’m so happy to be part of that project.

Do you feel that you have expectations for yourself in terms of how you would like your sound to develop or do you just let it unfold?
Really want to do something with my stuff, I’m so hungry about that.
Hard work is the key, produce is a daily questioning, it’s how I’m working.

Hard work is the key, produce is a daily questioning, it’s how I’m working.


You’re invited by InDepth for an exclusive event at Panic Room on October 22th. For this occasion, Initial Code (our founder) and you are making the trip to Paris. Can you talk us about this very promising party ?
So excited to play in Paris, every gig is a new challenge to me.
Let will see if Paris is still hot !

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What’s coming next for you in the autumn and winter, any plans or exciting projects you’d love to mention?
Lot of stuff are coming, especially with Hadone and a new release on Faktice for Exal…

Thanks for having me