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Each year, VOLTAGE organize their festival and takes us to a surrealist and unique setting, in perfect harmony with the music played there. This year VOLTAGE had to announce that due to the ongoing pandemic they have to postpone the festival to 2021 but VOLTAGE Imprint continue its work with a new release signed by Inigo Kennedy.

Let us talk about the music. Voltage is one of the few event and imprint in Belgium and Europe to cover so many techno subgenres. The quality of the line-ups and releases is impeccable, with a perfect balance between “international” and “local artists”. Voltage is not just a label or festival but, somehow, an overview of today’s techno scene. We see the best of both big names and emerging artists.

“Arcadian Falls” by Inigo Kennedy to be released on 20.08.2020.

A whole EP specced with melancholic soundscapes that reminisces the past and looks into the future.

For almost 25 years, Inigo Kennedy has been a synonym for raw, moody techno with an edge of darkness, suited for both the avid listeners and the dance floor. This new release on VOLTAGE Imprint, is an iteration of continuous development of his sound combined with its reinvention. “Arcadian Falls” brings 4 tracks to the table, that all embrace the same design language, but individually differ in form.

The common denominator is the use of melancholic soundscapes over the EP. A contemporary work of Techno, that reminisces the past and looks into the future, signed by Inigo Kennedy.

A1. Arcadian Falls
Chiral Thunder

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Supported by: Kr!z, Pär Grindvik, Amotik, Marcel Dettmann, Laurent Garnier, Jeroen Search, Thomas Hessler, Border One, Exium, Zadig & many more.