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Dour : 30th anniversary, time for changes.

The first steps on the brand new Dour site have been well stepped. The annual pilgrimage has started. Dour is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and there are a lot of changes. A feeling of disorientation for the used ones, wonderful discovery for the new ones.

“Is it Dour yet ?”
That time of the year has arrived, the festivalgoers arrived by thousands. Couldn’t wait for the annual reunion for some, new adventure for others. Hot first day, joined by the joyful screams “DOUREUUUUH”. The concerts starting on the evening, it is a real spectacle of tents, party tents, inflatable pools and other folklores of the campers. The field quickly becomes an ocean of colorful tents.

Having seen the site map on the social networks, it is with surprise that we discovered the empty site.
Decorations, colours, wood structures, containers and beautiful indications but also the famous wheel of fire which we couldn’t wait to see on fire. The rework of the site installation is not only a simple desire of the organization but it is due to good reasons, practical reasons that were really essentials for the event becoming bigger and bigger.

We are discovering a site more compact, well arranged and not rolling. To replace the slag heap that were among the site and camping, there are windmills flowering all around, turning slowly. It makes a peaceful and captivating atmosphere.

dour 2

30 year, time for changes.

With this rearrangement, Dour is brand new and it makes more and more people coming. The space of some stages is smaller but the flood well reguled, letting everyone see the group of their choice.
Well-known for its various programming, the reguled crowd lets the smaller groups and stages to be seen by more. About the walking time that was a problem the other years, the festival is now 2 steps away from the camping. Some tents are almost at the Balzaal’s feet. The accessibility and sanitary clearly improved the camper’s live.

Perturbing changes for the veterans but quit judicious for the comfort of festivalgoers.
Still a few days of sun and alternative music for the festivalgoers, lets enjoy!

Pic. by Cédric Dhooghe