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Throwback : RedBull Elektropedia 2018

Two weeks ago, InDepth was invited to the 8th edition of the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards held in the “Flagey” building. A party that reflects part of Belgian nightlife, and brings to light artists, most of which are already well known.

Red Bull cars in Flagey Square, blue lights and security at the entrance: something is being prepared but before anything else, you will have to show your invitation to be able to cross the door… Inside, the Belgian “jet-set” walks the corridors and premises of the former Maison de la Radio of Brussels, often with a Red Bull vodka in hand. It was the time of networking, when everyone tried to behave and understand who was there, and why. A neat welcome, with a free, well-filled bar and some olives… Not to mention the photobooth at the entrance to capture the moment.

Then it is time to get in the room. The ceremony begins and a club atmosphere sets in. Lights, lasers, big screen and big sound: the two presenters arrive on stage to open the show, which will be bilingual. The timing is tight and everything is perfectly planned.


For the program of the 8th edition, we do not change the recipe. To bring to the fore the creativity of the Belgian music scene, the members of the Red Bull Academy select artists, collectives, venues and parties and then give way to an online vote. So the more followers you have, the more you are likely to win. And there was 4,000 more people voting than last year!


The selection process

Each year, Red Bull Elektropedia selects a jury composed of around 100 professionals from the Belgian nightlife sector. They are called the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy (RBEAA). About ten RBEAA members are then appointed to the board of the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards Academy (RBEAAB). Membership of the RBEAA and RBEAAB is limited to three consecutive years.

1. In October, the jury receives a list of sounds, artists, remixes, etc. that were published or took place between 1 October 2017 and 30 September 2018. Everyone has the right to add names to the list.

2. RBEAA members must nominate 3 names in at least eight categories, in no particular order.

3. The votes will result in a top twenty per category, the first seven names of which are automatically nominated. A debate then follows, in order to preserve quality and diversity.

4. Anyone can vote online.


This year, there were 23 awards for 23 categories, presented by members of the academy.

The names of the winners who struck us.

As for the categories, there is the best media, which mainly includes magazines and livestreams. And the Winner is Vice alongside Fuzz Magazine and Kiosk Radio. Soon InDepth in the list?

The best radio show is from Lefto (Studio Brussels), next to Faisal (Studio Brussels) and Nosedrip (NTS).

The best remix goes to Danga for the cover of Big Shots – Kendrick Lamar. It is worth mentioning the remix of Rone – Wave feat. Noga Erez (Locked Groove Remix), the first seconds of which take us to another planet.


And the best emerging club / party / festival goes… to C12! A great pride for Brussels, the new place that keeps sending out pithy gem in its programming wins the prize alongside Hip Hop Hooray and the acidulous Elrow Town Festival.

After so much excitement, the competition continues. Now it’s time for Angèle, who won 3 awards, including the best artist and producer, the best song and… the artist of the year! “Long live Belgium”, as Angèle said on stage when she received her awards on stage.

Wondering if your career is beautiful? If you are on the right track? Creative, successful, pioneering and friendly : the best career is that of Thierry Coppens (who is at the origin of the Fuse with Peter Decuypere), who launched the Démence parties 30 years ago. A good, short documentary to learn more about this inspiring character and the Fuse’s flagship box (here)And his interview for the Red Bull Achievement Awards : 

Among the best producers, Le Motel which wins the first prize. In second place, Jeroen de Pessemier, whom you now find under the name of One Track Brain for well balanced techno sets. In addition to his band The Subs and his role as producer for Oscar & The Wolf, Jeroen continues in electronic music with always a lot of good energy and desire to get the audience moving. In the 3rd year, we find the Brussels artist Cleveland who has already proven himself several times. To see it soon, you’ll have to go to Berlin or Nordring!

It is of course Dour who leads the way when it comes to festivals, since he wins the prize for the best Belgian festival. An eclectic and quality programme, an atmosphere of madness every summer: a look back at the highlights of the 2018 edition here.

New this year for the category: the Listen! has been added to the list.

For the most promising artist, the audience could not vote. The Red Bull jury qualified Sobrini, Sylvie Kreusch and Cellini! And the prize for the best DJ goes to 2manydjs who overthrew Charlotte de Witte and Amelie Lens. Congratulations to Cellini, Phase, Kong, Konna, DkaRed D, A. Brehme and Kafim!

The best parties might be held in Brussels in the end, because there are Under My Garage and BSMNT. Yet, you will have to go to Antwerp or somewhere else in Flanders to attend the best party: Vice City’s one. As for the best big parties, they would be held at All Eyes On Hip-Hop in Flanders. In second place, the Deep In House have moved up in rank. This summer’s event left us with a very fond memory. Find our review here.

If you want to club in Belgium, you are spoilt for choice. Among the 30 selected, the Kompass of Ghent is the most popular, followed by C12, Fuse and Ampere. Anyway, it’s something to look forward to in our little country.


On the rap and hip-hop scene, it’s a real boom. Between the new talents that have emerged, who keep releasing heavy stuff, and our artists who have exported abroad, 2018 is definitely a key year for this scene. This was also evident at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, as hip-hop artists and collectives were given many awards. Among them are the artists Jayn Mng and Stikstof.

As for the labels, Top Notch Belgium and Frontal are in the top 3. Between them, we still find a bit of electronics with Deewee (by David and Stephen Dewaelede from 2manydjs / Soulwax).

There, the ceremony is over. The winners go back home with a prize, a “trophy” with their name, pictures of them on stage and some articles about them in the press. Anyway, it was above all a good opportunity to bring together the Belgian scene, which sometimes remains too fragmented between the different regions of our small country.

And for those the ceremony was not enough, the party continued in Belga with Vladimir Cauchemar from Ed Bangers. A great way to end the party on a high and relaxed note.

English translation by Raphaël Rozenberg