InDepth is a multidisciplinary platform founded in 2015. The project includes digital platform, label and club nights dedicated to the finest techno and art. It’s a place where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative culture are highlighted.


« Constantly challenged by the vanity of Time and Space »

Phanom immerses you in a realm that oscillates between the dream state and reality.  She shapes her DJ sets like a ride to your inner self, from darkness to light to forget yourself in ether.

First off all, we’d love to hear more about your mix for InDepth. Was there a concept or a specific inspiration behind this one?
My mix is kind of an ode to all the artists who inspired me the most for the last few years but also some new gems I really wanted to share. It’s a trip to the Sun, as the Summer solstice is coming pretty soon.

How would you describe your sound to those who haven’t heard your music before?
It is pretty hard to tell but I think it would be deep-psychedelic-techno. I love textures, field recordings, broken rythms and dark vibes so I’ve no restrictions when I’m digging as long as the vibrations give me emotions.

I love textures, field recordings, broken rythms and dark vibes so I’ve no restrictions when I’m digging as long as the vibrations give me emotions.

What brought you into this musical universe?
Long story short. My first raves were drum’n’bass/jungle/hardcore genres but step by step I fell into labels such as Modularz, ante-rasa, Prologue Music, Semantica, Outis Music, Fullpanda, Silent Season, Northern Electronics, Spazio Disponible and of course Hypnus Records and all their sub-labels Kabalion & Tome Records. 

Would you say your musical influences have changed over the years? And what inspires you the most these days?
No, it didn’t really change. It is evolving everyday. I’m still listening to old tracks from my adolescent years and it feels good to take a step back from the past and remember where you come from. I guess I also feel inspired by the sound of nature… Life is a garden, dig it!

What is your process of finding new music like? What draws your attention to a certain track or record?
I don’t have a magic process. I keep it simple like following the labels or artists I’m into and I keep digging until I find a niche to explore.

Taking the step from DJing to producing seems to be a natural progression, have you considered this?
Of course, to be honest I’ve been into music since a long time. I used to be in a folk jazz band, so creating sounds seems natural to me. I still got a lot to learn as a dj so I’m taking my time, there’s no rush. It will come eventually.

How have things been going for you this past year?
Unexpected! For the last past year I went from playing gigs for my crew Mentality to an invitation to be a part of the C12 agency which I didn’t expect at all. I feel so excited, happy and curious about the future. For me this year helped me to focus on what I love to do: sharing all sort of sounds.

And what can we expect next from you?
I’m just ready for new adventures. Let’s go with the flow and see how it goes. If you want to have a taste of my vibe, join the dancefloor of Paradise down by the Lake, Saintklet Summer x Terminal Techno and another date who will be announce soon for September!