InDepth is a multidisciplinary platform founded in 2015. The project includes digital platform, label and club nights dedicated to the finest techno and art. It’s a place where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative culture are highlighted.


Hello JC Laurent, thank you for your time. First of all, when and how did you get in touch with techno and electronic music?

The very first contact was in my mom’s car. I was very young and she had some House Music tapes. I remember it so well because I listened to those tape until I had a headache! More seriously, it was around my 15 that I started to go out with older friends. They were used to that kind of party. With them, I went to Docks des Suds in Marseille for a Dragon Bal party with Adam Beyer vs. Joel Mull, Rolando and others playing. Since then, my passion for techno only grew up.

For how long have you been active as a DJ and producer?

In 2020, it does 10 years that I mix and 8 years as a producer. I went to Berlin for a few months in 2012 to understand better the inspiration that all the artists feel in that city, also to be closer of Wall Music, one of my first label. I met wonderful people like Mike Wall or DVS1 who has been a great support by playing some of my tracks in Berghain. I wasn’t old enough to get in the club at that time, but it is still one of my best memories.

You are from Nice (France). How is the techno scene in this region? What about the Kwartz Club?

The techno scene has a good development every year. People wake up and are proposing new party formats, between warehouse, clubs and illegal raves. There is everything you need in electronic music. For the last 3 years, the Kwartz Club is quit consistent in that development by programming international artists and also giving opportunities to the local scene. The club was reborn this summer with a new L-Acoustic sound system. The sound quality is more efficient. It is a chance for us and a real pleasure to be able to invite inspiring artists in proper condition.

Dynamic Reflection, Hidden Recordings, Intacto Records, Warok Music, are some of the labels you came out with. What must the labels have to collaborate with them?

Those 4 labels have two common points. The first is the strict directive line and the second is quality of their musical catalogue that is full of established artists. I particularly like when there is consistency between the label and the artist. It has been the case with Intacto Records and Warok Music when they have asked me to send them demos. I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

It seems like you are very productive. How is your work process in the studio? What are the sources for your inspiration?

The secret to avoid losing time is a good organization. I have a full-time job besides so I don’t have much time to work in the studio. That is why I need to organize myself the best I can, to be efficient when the inspiration kicks in. This work asks steps. I start with loops on Live, I tinker them until I feel it. Then, I think about the track writing and after comes the mixing. With patience and hard work everything is possible. My first inspirations are mostly German techno and Detroit music, it has evolved in years to become more hypnotic and tribal.

Which pieces of gear did you use for your production? Do you prefer hardware or digital stuff?

For the moment, I use a lot Ableton 10 with a few virtual instruments like Reaktor 6, Tal- Bassline, Thorn for examples. And I add a Waldorf Blofeld combined with Eventide Space Reverb. My studio got more and more minimalist to keep only my all-time favorite material. Regarding the Hardware vs. Digital, both are essential if you want to have all the possibilities on hand, according to me.

Tell us something about the mix that you have prepared for InDepth. Did you have a certain idea in mind prior to making the mix?

I have started by listening your podcasts to see what have been done before. Then, I selected the “coups de coeur” of the moment + some promos and one demo. I don’t really start with a precise idea. It is by listening along the way that the mix takes form.

Last but not least: Do you have any upcoming plans for 2020, gigs or projects, you would like to share with us?

There are some good stuff in prep. On the 18th of January, Mike Parker will be our first guest at the Kwartz Club. I also have a date in Brussels at Zodiak Club for February.

On the side of production, an EP on Warok Music will be launched before summer. I am also focus on a vinyl output for Hidden Recordings which should be out in 2020. Other surprises will come along the year. Thanks a lot for letting me do this podcast and that interview.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview JC Laurent.

English translation by Fanny Seligmann
Picture by : Marion Puichaffray