InDepth is a multidisciplinary platform founded in 2015. The project includes digital platform, label and club nights dedicated to the finest techno and art. It’s a place where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative culture are highlighted.

BEM 2018 : Let’s consume local

For their 3rd edition, Andri Søren Haflidason and Brice Deloose, the co-directors and creators of the BEM, brought together some sixty Brussels-based collectives for an electronic music’s festival in our beautiful capital. The aim of the festival is to promote the local scene, bringing together curious and veteran music lovers.

The Brussels Electronic Marathon offered to discover atypical places in our capital such as the uZinne, the young Centre Pompidou, the too-little-known La Vallée, the Porte de Halle and Coudenberg, which offered an audiovisual installation with a breathtaking immersive experience. Not to mention our usual weekly places such as the Fuse, C12, Flagey or the Café des Halles.

Mainly electronic scene but 100% local to discover or rediscover. The day and night events also brought topics to the fore such as security and equality so as to raise awareness among festivalgoers through meetings, films, discussions… Open to children and adults alike.


This colourful and creative weekend brought us some memorable live performances, including Béton at the Fuse on Saturday evening, where our dear creator (under the name of Initial Code) also performed. A quality closing at C12 with Epitome and Peter Van Hoesen. Not to mention a very good collaboration between the Fuse and the C12 at the Centre Pompidou. The 2 clubs joined forces in a very industrial atmosphere and universe with beating and heady sounds.


The BEM is constantly growing and expanding, becoming the largest urban festival of electronic music in Belgium. By the way, the dates for the 2019 edition are already available. The organizers are waiting for us on 10-11-12-13 October 2019 for a long weekend filled with more than 200 local artists, concerts, workshops and other cultural activities.

English translation : Raphaël Rozenberg