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After working for Concrete and being part of Exil collective, Alys LF developed a passion for techno music and the nightlife. It is quite naturally that she found herself behind the decks and started sharing the music that she loves.

She plays a wide spectrum of music to adapt to the vibe of the audience, with a strong emphasis on techno and rave techno.

She quickly became a resident at Newtrack collective before joining the roster of the Venus Agency. She had the pleasure to play at many important venues and festivals such as the Dream Nation festival, Rex Club, Kilomètre 25, Glazart, NF-34, and many more. She also became a resident of the famous Kilomètre 25 for the 2022 season and After O’Clock at the Glazart.

Alys LF is also a producer, and released 2 EPs on the French label Skryptöm, a track on a various artists for the 15th anniversary of the label, and a track on the first various artists of the new label of After O’Clock. She also had the opportunity to do several remixes that were released on Take Hit and Focus recording.

Hello Alys, thank you for your time. How and when did you start with electronic music?

Hello everybody! I started to work in the nightlife at Concrete as public relation. I immediately felt in love with techno music. I quickly worked with some collective such Exil and Fee Croquer, it confirmed I really like what I was doing. I launched a podcast channel and a small and familiar booking agency called “Lethal Frequency”. I met a lot of incredible people which are friends and more now, they made me want to make music

How would you define your project aesthetic and focus?

I never wanted to define accuratly my project. It moves with my personnal mood and what music I want to share. It’s made up of dynamic techno, which can be mental, groovy, fast, rave, hard,… The most important for me is to be evolutive and can be able to adapt to the audience.

Alongside this interview, you have recorded an exclusive podcast for InDepth. How did you prepare it and what was the idea you wanted to convey through it?

The Parisian trend is to go faster and faster. I like fast music but I also like to go against all trend. I felt it was the time to go back in a mental mood.

You’re also a producer, with releases on Skryptöm and After O’Clock. How are you making a track? How do you start with it and what makes you satisfied with the final result? 

The most satisfying would be to find THE thing you have been looking for for a long time! 

What are your favorite tools as a producer? Do you prefer hardware, software or both? Where do you find inspiration and what sparks your creativity?

I don’t know why, but I’m more comfortable with hardware. I feel it easier, but I’m working on it! And about my inspiration, it comes from everywhere : watching TV, listening someone talking, listening a tiny noise,…

Do you have any plans to create a live set in the future ?

I’m thinking of that, yes. It’s not a priority, but we’ll see!

You released 2 EP’s on Skrytöm and you’re a resident dj at After O’Clock. It seems that you have a great connection with Electric Rescue and Skryptöm. How would you describe this collaboration and what do you think you gained from that? 

Exactly! I met him at Rex Club, when I was a really beginner raver. He saw me grow up from the beginning. I won a friend, and someone who knew how to give me a chance. He never stopped supporting me.

Alys LF – Picture by Emil Hadji

Do you collaborate with some other artists or collective currently ?

Yes! But I can’t tell your more at the moment!

You’re mainly active in the Parisian techno scene. Can you tell us more about your involvement in the scene and how you feel in it?

After partying many times, and having worked in many organisations, I joined a female collective called : “Venus Club”. They gave me the opportunity to work for something fair: a safer night, equality, fighting for artist’s rights and women’s rights. 

I support young (and less) student in the learning of djing. Most of the time in single gender classroom, in order to help women to fell more comfortable and fighting shyness.

I really love what I do, and the amazing people I can meet around all of that.

Last but not least, what’s coming next for you in the next months, any plans, any releases or exciting projects you’d love to mention?

I confirmed a new EP on Skryptöm, it will be out in a few time. And also a V.A on an amazing german label. Also out in a few time!