Eternal Friction Records announced a new release [PREMIERE]

The Belgian label Eternal Friction Records has announced a third release that will be out on March 8. After Shulgin and Dark Quadrant, the label is welcoming a new talented artist: Norbak. The Portuguese producer made a name for himself in just a few months with quality releases, which came out on different labels – such as Edit Select’s one.

This new EP is based on two original Norbak’s tracks – “Modus Operandi I” and “Modus Operandi II” – accompanied by 3 finely crafted remixes.

The First part of the EP, with the track Modus Operandi II and the remix of Svarog, is oriented towards an uplifting universe with a very atmospheric techno. Svarog confirms his excellence through a remix respecting the original track that he sublimates with his art.

The second part of the EP, which features Stanislav Tolkachev and Pursent remixes, is oriented towards a more aggressive techno, which makes the EP versatile, keeping a finely defined common line. Pursent’s remix mixes percussive sounds and an organic atmosphere, whereas Stanislave Tolkachev’s one is oriented towards a complex and aggressive rhythmic.

Eternal Friction Records is still a young label but after three releases only, he succeeded in establishing itself with a solid selection of artists.  Doubtlessly, the future is looking bright for the label and its founder, known as Kenchantment.

English translation by Raphaël Rozenberg
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