In November, Altinbas, Belgian artist and co-founder of Brussels Metropolis parties will release a new EP on Non Series, the label of Psyk.

Dark, complex and hypnotic are the perfect adjectives to illustrate that release. It is composed of 5 original tracks and one remix by Psyk. Each piece is complementary, keeping a wide panel of sonorities.
A techno music that you listen but mostly that you feel, far away from the techno for the floor which is the most common nowadays. The EP will take the listeners to a mental trip and in the well-defined universe of Altimbas. The only difference is the remix of Layer Of Compassion made by Psyk. This track has a unique sound print, which is identifiable of Psyk.

The track called Inside on the B-face of the EP is the first one to discover down-below. This track is powerful by its kicks and impressive bass with an infinity of fine variations and hypnotic synthesizer’s notes.

The full release, with all the tracks, is an essential for the music lover and fans of the genre. It will surely find its place in a lot of DJ sets in clubs or podcasts. Different than the first releases of Altinbas, out on Float Records, that shows us the artistic maturity of this music producer which has a promising future.

English translation by Fanny Seligmann.