Save the date! This saturday Fuse, the mythical Brussels club, is inviting two world-renowned key techno artists : Luke Slater and Pär Grindvik.

After Fuse’s 25th anniversary at Palais 12 with a line up worthy of the greatest festivals, let us go back to the club with a very fine selection of techno artists. Initiate has already announced the presence of the label Hypnus and its founder Ntogn for the end of the month. However this Saturday, two of the greats are invited: Pär Grindvik and Luke Slater.

Luke Slater is a regular in Berghain and a member of the prestigious Ostgut Ton label. He was a progressive rock drummer at the age of 12 and discovered electronic music, house and techno as a teenager. He released his first track in 1989, followed by many titles under different pseudonyms (Clémentine, 7th Plain, Planetary Assault Systems, etc.). The English artist has been playing for more than 30 years and his involvement in the techno world has most probably influenced the genre.

Pär Grindvik is the founder of the prestigious label “Stockholm LTD”. The Swedish artist has been an important techno figure since the 1990s as well. He is signed on many labels ranging from the most famous, such as Drumcode and Dystopian, to the most advanced, such as Semantica. His musical universe is finely worked and easily identifiable and his technique is compelling….

Through the quality of his sets, selections and productions, Pär Grindvik is a must-see artist in a club.

Alongside these two international giants, two prominent members of the Belgian and Brussels scene will perform: Pierre – resident of Fuse known for his mastery and sharp sets – and Pattrn.

Pattrn, whose real name is Brice Deloose, has been contributing for many years to the development of the Belgian electronic and techno scene. He is the co-founder of the Brussels Electronic Marathon and Initiate. His musical universe, rich in various influences, will perfectly fit the line up of this already memorable night.

See you on Saturday at 11pm at Fuse. The pre-sales are priced at 10 euros and are available on the Fuse’s official website: www.fuse.be

English translation by Raphaël Rozenberg