MOONDAY w/ VAAL, 2000 and One, SHDW & Obscure Shape

Last Saturday, we took the train to Gent to see how our neighbours are partying. And it was great! The Vooruit was hosting Moonday, with a very special and promising line-up. Lebawski, the co-organizer of the party, speaks about it.

The summer ends and they are back in their beautiful and original venue : the Vooruit. It’s a vibrant art centre, located in an impressive one-hundred-year-old monument. The DJ sets were on point; the crowd was on fire… Even the founders of R&S were there.

Nelson and Gilles host the Moonday events. They are also DJs, under the names Merch&dise and Lebawski, and residents of their concept. They like to get the things started. « In Belgium, people arrive late at parties… and they often complain about the ending hour. But if you are dancing from eleven to six, you are exhausted! And you feel satisfied. », said Gilles (Lebawski).

So, we arrived at the beginning. Merch&dise and Lebawski started with a good techno/house set, with some old-school tracks and good baselines. Perfect to start.


After them, Vaal came. Mysterious as are her tracks, she made a deep and wonderful set. Behind her cap, she settled down with a special energy in the Vooruit. She was submerging the whole room with her melodic and spellbinding set. Sting’s daughter fed our ears unpretentiously with her music from another world… 


2000 and 1 was a beautiful discovery and you will hear more about him very soon!

At the end, SHDW & Obscure Shape simply killed it. They kept the energy level on the top with their hard and powerful set. It was fast, clear and transcendental… And that’s the result of the symbiosis from Stuttgart, bringing us back to the rave spirit. A delight to consume without moderation.


And behind all the remarkable DJ sets, free refreshing fruits circulated in the room. Isn’t that perfect ?

Now, a small excerpt of our conversation with Lebawski.

How was the party tonight?

Quite good I think. It was more or less how we expected to be. We thought that we could bring a certain amount of people with our line-up… And we did!

The date was not that easy. Our main audience are students… And there are many students who are now on vacation. So, it was a risk to make it today but it turned out well. People who work cannot come on monday.

It was definitely one of our best editions.

Why did you choose to make parties on mondays?

Nelson and I are both DJs, and we were really bored because nobody does any party on mondays. Also, we had no competition with other parties who are already on the scene. That way we began to build our community, two years ago!

What can you say about your thematic: the planets?

We started with that since we moved in the Vooruit. We are exploiting every planet of our solar system.

Before, our parties were monthly. And every month, we chose a different kind of space theme. One time, we putted the roof full of planets, or we made paper planes…

So the feel of our parties is a bit different every time, but with the same kind of music.

We are at Saturn now and it’s almost over. After that, we will do something else!

What makes your parties special?

Our parties are special because normally we make them on mondays. Also, we chose more kind of in-depth kind of visuals with some video-mapping for example. 

We can also say that the way the DJs are planned is to keep the energy-level rising, as you saw tonight. We start with more tech-house music, then techno and even harder techno… That’s something that makes our parties not boring.

The music is the most important thing. It doesn’t get boring because the energy keeps rising.

Why the Vooruit?

The Vooruit is one of the most beautiful venues we have in Gent. Is important for us to stay in our city. We want to add something to the Gent scene.

If we go outside of Gent, it’s only because we are hosting.

You made some Open Airs with ABSTRKT. You went also this summer to the Labyrinth Open festival in Croatia. Do you plan to make other associations soon?

Yes, definitely. These open airs were a big success : we were sold out 9 days in advance !

Capture d’écran 2017-09-13 à 21.09.44

It’s the perfect way to get a different kind of musical order. Every concept has its musical direction. ABSTRKT is less into techno music, but we had great DJs like Detroit Swindle… And you can expect more of this kind of collaboration very soon!

The Labyrinth festival in Croatia was a big success! Right kind of crowd, and very professional. We were lucky to host that boat party.

Which criteria are you looking for when you book the DJs?

We are always working around our concept: we want people to come because they know it will be good music and they don’t have to know the artists.

We want the crowd to discover new artists… Like 2000 and One ! He’s not that famous in Belgium, but people really enjoyed him.

What do you think about the Belgian electronic scene?

We have good parties, but too many… They are going on, on the same dates! We need more communication between organizers.

How did you started making parties?

Nelson is more into underground music. He’s quite new to DJ-ing, but he has a lot of experience into partying. That makes our team great.

It started in Spain when we were on a terrace. We met and we said that one day, we would make a party together. A couple of years later, we met again at the second floor of the Fuse… We discovered that we have a common taste, common feeling about how a party should be.

We just wanted to give a good party to let our friends have fun, and to people you don’t know. And that’s probably the greatest part of it! It gives you a different kind of satisfaction than when you play a DJ set… And it’s nice (laugh)!

But, of course, bringing in Gent some artists that we love was also the reason we started. It’s great to let other people discover the music you love.

The next edition will be on the 6 November, in Vooruit. And we heard that they would probably stream the audience and display it on their video-mapping during the party…

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