Electronic Lodge | Digital Music Theater

A new recurrent concept based on finest upcoming techno scene and digital illusions, mapping performance.
An extended night (0:00 to 8:00 am) in a very intimate and underground venue, never experimented in a clubbing experience, in the heart of Liège city.

Opening with the innovative and talented Benjamin Damage (50Weapons, Ten Thousand Yen), “one of the most promising techno producer of the past few years” (according to MARCEL DETTMANN and Robert Hood).

Benjamin Damage’s roots lie firmly within the UK’s underground. Drawing from early rave to jungle to nineties house, Benjamin’s non-purist approach to techno produces an energy and emotion rarely found in modern electronic music.

Teaming up with fellow Welshman Doc Daneeka for the 2010 underground hit “Creeper” in 2010 caught the eye of Modeselektor, who quickly offered the project a home on their renowned label 50 Weapons. Working together in Berlin, the duo fused UK bass, techno, lush ambience and haunting vocals to create the critically acclaimed album ’They!Live”. This album solidified Damage as an innovative mind in electronic music, and saw him relocate to the techno obsessed German city in 2011.

Through 50 Weapons, Damage releases teamed brutal indulgence with moments of atmospheric tension and tenderness, culminating in the release of his stunning debut solo album ‘Heliosphere’ in 2013. Hailed by critics as a return of soul and warmth to the cold industrial world of Berlin techno, ‘Heliosphere’ was hallmarked by a contrast very present in the artist himself. Punishing tracks like ‘Delirium Tremens’ & ’Swarm’ found their home reverberating in Berghain, while the beautiful melodic moments in ‘010x’ became the soundtrack to summer music festivals all over the world. It is this complexity and journey within Damage’s music which makes his powerful DJ sets a favourite in both his adopted home and abroad.12314482_1078871642153452_1344283321170280880_o

Creating the live show for ‘Heliosphere’ saw Benjamin return to his roots, combining machines of early electronic influences with the latest in music technology. Abandoning the stage laptop, Damage delivers a truly live electronic techno performance, taking elements of his original tracks and recreating them in a new form for every show. His all hardware setup premiered at Fabric in 2014 and tours internationally.

2015 welcomed the release of ‘Obsidian’, Benjamin Damage’s second solo album, and the last artist album to close 50 Weapons.

Obsidian is an album of fragmented memories of musical influences, distorted and restructured into a full length techno record. A purely personal project, shaped by machines and finished in the old Soviet area of Marzahn in east Berlin.

Support Acts 

Electronic Lodge Residents (Jon Mosto, Sorry & Chris Hingher) & Desk (Walk)

What’s Electronic Lodge ?

Electronic Lodge gets its inspiration & determination from a few trips to European cities, such as Berlin, Paris and London.

The discovery of legendary clubs, such as Tresor, Rex, Berghain and Fabric has inspired the EL collective to bring these experiences and spirits back to Belgium.

The concept is split in 2 sections :
➸ First, to offer you an eclectic and sophisticated line up coming straight from the finest of Electronic Music, whether through International guests or promising Belgian djs.
➸ Secondly, to enhance the musical trip with an original, visual identity in which, digital arts (mapping, vjing) and art performances (bodypainting, fashion) take up an essential space.

To recapture a space, to transform it, to give newcomers a stage and divulge a deep atmosphere where glam flirts with underground.
These are the EL’s guidelines.


Tickets / Infos 

Only 250 presales will be sold !
TICKET: http://bit.ly/2dbfUDZ

PLACE:  Secret / will be reveled on the Facebook event this friday !

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